Why Self-Care?

We all agree that Self-Care is essential to our work as mothers.

But, maybe you are looking for ways to improve your self-care and dont know where to start or cannot fathom how to find the time or resources to support your ideal self-care routine.

I can help!

The Buzy Moms Planner can help you to create a self-care routine. Inside the planner, there is a self-care checklist that has each of the 6 Self-Care Essentials and some suggestions. Each week and month layout allows you room to write out a plan for the week or to plan out your day off for the month.

“What are the 6 Self-Care Essentials?”

I’m glad you asked! At Buzy Moms, we believe there are 6 self-care essentials and here they are:

We often think we should sacrifice ourselves for our family, but in reality, we are sacrificing our family’s needs when we neglect our own. We are only able to give our family our very best when we are healthy, happy, loved, rested, and centered. Truth is when you invest in your self-care you are investing in what is best for your family.

Are ready to invest in yourself and your family? Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Grab a Buzy Moms Planner.

Step 2: Check out the Self-Care Resources for ideas and recommendations.

Step 3: Write out your self-care plan in your planner.

Step 4: Join the FB group Buzy Moms Plan for support and accountability.