About Me


Hi, I’m Shannon (Hi Shannon).  Wife, mom of 4 kids, caregiver to my grandmother, and now a Self-Care Alignment Consultant.

What is a Self-Care Alignment Consultant? I’ll get back to that…I promise.

Buzy Moms began in 2017 on the heels of our 4th child’s birth. I was looking for my purpose and with help and support of friends, I found it. Or so I thought… I started my business as a professional organizer, helping a few moms organize their schedules, home offices, and everyday mom life.

Then something happened, 6 months into my business I was hit with major migraines on a daily basis. I couldn’t work, breastfeeding my youngest became increasingly more difficult and I felt horrible. In every sense of the word, I was wrecked.

This is what happened: I was skipping meals and not taking very good care of myself. Stress from marriage, home life and my part time job was taking its toll on me. Something had to give. I made the toughest decision to stop breastfeeding, start counseling, and get the help I needed to eliminate these migraines once and for all.

Buzy Moms transformed from just helping moms get organized to helping moms prioritize their self-care.  I feel empowered by this and I want YOU to as well.

I decided to call myself a Self-Care Alignment Consultant (see, I told you I’d come back to this) because I am passionate about reminding moms of their value and that they must stop neglecting their own needs at the expense of others. Self-care for moms matters.

Yours truly,

Buzy Mom Shannon