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Feeling overwhelmed from all of the responsibilities of motherhood? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve designed Buzy Moms Planner for the busy and overwhelmed mom. For the mom who feels like time is not on her side. With the Buzy Moms Planner, you can lessen the overwhelm and make time for Self-Care.

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Custom Planners

Inside the Planner

Choose your Cover & Page Design

You can also have a cover custom-designed with your choice of colors or add your name! Schedule your Planner Consult today!

Choose your planner pages

  • Mom’s Care Team: keep all of your important info in one place
  • Family Info: doctors, dentist, insurance info oh my!
  • Kid Sizes: keep track of measurements from shoe to weight
  • Bill Tracker: see 3 months of bills at once with due dates and amount due
  • Meal Planner/Grocery List: no more “whats for dinner?”, plan out your week and write your shopping list in one place (add-on)
  • 2-page Month Spread: big boxes to write important dates, a notes column and even space to plan your moms day off
  • 2-page Weekly Schedule: boxes for up to 10 hours Mon-Sat and 4 hours on Sunday, write down all of the appointments, location and phone numbers as needed
  • Notes: lined page to jot down all the things in your head
  • …and more!

Your custom planner creation process:

Step 1: Click ‘Shop Now’ and Choose your planner. If you do not see exactly what you want/need and would like to get additional customizations, you can schedule a FREE Planner Consult here.

Step 2: I will follow up via email/phone to confirm all customizations and answer any questions. Additional customizations will be billed separately and full payment is required before printing can begin.

Step 3: Once the planner draft is approved, it is final and goes to print. For discbound planners allow 1-2 weeks for delivery or we can schedule a pickup if you are local to the DMV.

You will be included in every part of the process with text/email updates!

About 5 months ago, I was blessed with the gift of motherhood.  At the time though, it felt more like a curse.  I was extremely irritable, fearful and I felt alone and completely misunderstood which further fueled my negative reactions.  It wasnt until I had some time to catch up with Shannon that I would understand what I was going through: Post-partum depression and anxiety.

I truly believe without Shannon, I would not be here where I am today, having a mentally and emotionally healthy experience with motherhood.  Just having someone so knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of motherhood because of her own experiences as well as others.  And as a first time mom, I appreciated that she guided me throughout one of the roughest experiences of my life.  Sometimes you talk to people and they outright deny your emotions/experiences, but Shannon allowed me a space to bring it into light, to talk about it, to pray on it and to heal.


“Shannon you are amazing in what you do. Your encouragement of how to manage my me-time, teaching me that saying No is ok. Reminding me that God will take care of the situation and ME also even if I do not feel like doing something without having a guilt trip. I really appreciate your business knowledge in sharing what resources I can go to and learn how I can grow my businesses.
If you haven’t tried Buzy Moms Organize please do so it will lift up alot of stress, worry, frustration etc.. off from you personally.”